Goku, Gohan Voice Actress Plays 8 Characters in Eagle Talon Anime Extra

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Masako Nozawa, an incredibly prolific voice actress who has given life not only to Dragon Ball's Son Goku, but also to his two sons and father, as well as GeGeGe no Kitaro's title character, is showcasing just how versatile she can be. She is playing the role of eight characters in an upcoming Eagle Talon anime extra, which will be bundled with the Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume EX (Secret Society Eagle Talon Extreme) DVD and BD boxset hitting shelves in December.

While you won't be able to hear all eight voices just yet, you can see Nozawa in action in the following CM for the boxset, alongside her fellow actors:

The original Eagle Talon Flash anime centers on the titular secret society and its bumbling attempts to take over the world. The production company DLE Inc. launched the first Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume (Secret Society Eagle Talon) television series in 2006, and the franchise's sixth feature film will open on April 4. Artist Frogman serves as the "director/writer/character designer/sound recording engineer/Flash animator/editor/voice actor."

[Via Oricon News]

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