New Attack on Titan Plum Wine Features Illustration by Hajime Isayama

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For those who missed out on last year's batch of Attack on Titan plum wines, more have been announced. This time, they feature original artwork from series creator Hajime Isayama.

The collaboration is no coincidence—the plum wines are produced by the village of Hibiki in Oyama, Oita, which happens to be Isayama's hometown. Previous wines were even made from plums grown by Isayama's mother in their family's orchard.

The gift set contains two 500 mL bottles of plum wine. One features an illustration of Levi, and is a 20% ABV barrel-finished plum wine made from oshuku plums. The other, featuring an illustration of Erwin, is a 14% ABV wine made from nanko plums.

The wines come in a special box that combine to form a single image. For extra significance, the wine label is named Bande, which is German for band or clan. It's meant to evoke an image of camaraderie. Incidentally, Levi's wine is specifically named "S" for short, while Erwin's is named "T" for tall. Priced at 3,780 yen (about US$32), the set will be available for sale online, at the distillery itself, and at LAWSON stores across Japan. Reservations begin February 24, with deliveries beginning April 4.

To learn more about the distillery, check out pictures of its Attack on Titan exhibit, or see some of the Attack on Titan gift sets they have available, check out their Attack on Titan page.

Source: Hibiki no Sato via Nijimen

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