New Smartphone Game Lets You Date Super Moe Million-Year-Old Grannies

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Just when you think you've seen it all, another smartphone game comes out that leaves you scratching your head. Developed by Yamabus and hamon, Junai Baba Gakuen Tenkosei wa Hyakuman-sai (Pure Love Hag Academy - The Transfer Student is One Million Years Old) introduces you to a lovely cast of very, very old ladies who are ready for your high school love.

Characters include a million-year-old transfer student, a million-year-old sister, a million-year-old student council president, and a million-year-old idol. Naturally, they all have adorable voices to match. Players can enjoy the Sports Festival with their preferred granny, celebrate Valentine's Day, or even take a trip to the beach.

Surprisingly, it's not even the first game in the series. It's an indirect follow-up to Hyakuman-sai no Baba (One Million Year Old Hag), which lets players train their grannies every day by making them lift weights and do push-ups, and rejuvenate them through beauty regimens.

Junai Baba Gakuen Tenkosei wa Hyakuman-sai will be available for iOS and Android devices this month. Those interested in checking out a demo or pre-registering for the game can find more information on Yamabus' blog.

[Via Livedoor News, Hachima Kikou]

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