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Attack on Titan Characters Come to Life at 7-Eleven

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

Characters from one of the most popular anime in recent years are getting a special treatment as part of a 7-Eleven campaign happening across Japan.

The convenience store chain is set to hold a special Attack on Titan campaign starting May 22. This campaign will be headlined by two life-sized figures of two of the main protagonists, the titan/human freedom fighter Eren Jaeger and the cold and ruthless Levi Ackerman, each standing over five feet tall. While both of the statues cost a whopping 1,728,000 yen individually (more than US$14,300), they are both being offered as rewards as part of the upcoming 7-Eleven Fair. Any customer whose total purchase is at least 700 yen (US$5.80) will receive a ticket with a serial number that, when submitted online, makes them eligible to compete in a lottery drawing to win prizes.

Other prizes include Attack on Titan nanaco cards...

...a Casio EXILIM digital camera...

...and even a trip to summer resorts.

Life-size figures of anime characters are quite the commodity as of late. In March of this year, the Japanese store Akihabara Gamers! released two figures modeled after two protagonists of the recent anime Show By Rock!!. Released to advertise the new anime, these 5-foot-tall statues depicted likenesses of Cyan—the main character sucked into another dimension serving as a guitarist for Plasmagica—and the loud-mouthed berating lead singer of the rock band ShingancrimsonZ, Crow. These statues sold for 2,690,000 yen (US$22,200).

[Via SEJ]

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