Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Designer Takashi Tezuka Show-off Early Game Sketches

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The Wii U's Super Mario Maker game promises to put level creating in the hands of the players for a limitless amount of new Mario adventures. Before unveiling the new game at E3, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and the franchise's long-time designer Takashi Tezuka showed their own process for making Nintendo's iconic plumber.

An early sketch shows Mario with a determined expression riding in a nimbus cloud and firing a fireball at a set of bricks. In the air are the winged turtles that would become the franchise's koopa baddies.

Another sketch breaking down the Mario villains includes Bowser (labeled as "Boss Creeper Death"). Above him is "Bear Creeper," an enemy in shorts and a tanktop holding what looks like a rake. Below Bowser is "Flying Creeper Midori," likely a reference to the flying turtle's green shell.

Above: The original level design that would become Level 1-2 in Super Mario Bros.

Level creation wasn't nearly as easy as it appears in Super Mario Maker. Miyamoto and his team used to plan out the games' stages using graph paper before handing it over to the programmers. Any changes were designated by tracing the original graph paper and adding annotations. The programmers eventually developed a level-editing program to cut down on the time-consuming process. This early program became the basis of what is now seen in Super Mario Maker.

Source: Time

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