J-World to Open Boruto-Themed Haunted House

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J-World Tokyo, an amusement park devoted to Weekly Shōnen Jump's library of popular manga, will open a section based on the upcoming Boruto -Naruto the Movie-. Its centerpiece is a ninja haunted house that puts visitors in the position of aspiring ninja taking their chūnin exams — the haunted house tests their courage. A preexisting attraction, "Scroll of the Great Ninja War," which challenges visitors with obstacles and traps, will be retooled into "Naruto & Sasuke's Ninja Battle Tour," where visitors will be guided by actors playing Naruto and Sasuke.

In addition, the Boruto area will include a ramen stand peddling Naruto's favorite meal, an exhibit of art from the movie, and life-size panels of the characters. Customers will receive one of four pictures of Boruto characters as a present, although they are given out randomly. The Boruto section will last from July 18 to September 27.

According to this year's 33rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump, a bunch of other collaborations with Boruto are also in the works. On July 17, Cold Stone Creamery, an ice cream chain, will start selling Naruto-themed Coollys (ice cream drinks). On July 24, Gindaco will unveil "Naruto packs" of takoyaki (fried octopus balls) for 1,100 yen (or $9), while Croissant Taiyaki will launch "Naruto boxes" of taiyaki (sweet bread filled with bean paste) for 1,260 yen (or $10). Further details will soon be released.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

When Boruto premieres on August 7, Japanese moviegoers will get a special treat: a booklet containing a manga about the day Naruto became a Hokage as well as a reprint of the final chapter of Naruto in full color. The booklet will only be available for two million moviegoers and can be obtained at cinemas screening Boruto.

Boruto will also collaborate with Tokyo's Bureau of Transportation in a "stamp rally." This involves taking two Tokyo bus lines - the Metropolitan 02 and the Latter Metropolitan 02 - to four different locations — the Toho Cinemas in Kinshi, the Ueno branch of Matsuzaka-ya, the Tokyo Waterworks Historical Museum, and the Ikebukuro branch of Animate — and getting stamps. Getting at least three stamps may win you a clear file (there are 1,000 available) or additional prizes like a poster, pouch, or wallet (there are 100 of these available in total).

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