New App Fuses Pokemon with... Aging Men

posted on by Eric Stimson
A wild MIDDLE-AGED MAN appeared!

In what's surely one of the strangest concepts for a game to emerge in a while, a new app, Ojimon, developed by Keita Hirose, combines iconic Pokemon with the faces of weary middle-aged men (ojisan). Players must catch them with PokeBalls as in the original games, but instead of training them to fight, the Ojimon are drafted into forced labor. Their labor — mining, construction, etc. — earns the players coins, which are then used to develop towns and may be exchanged for prizes. Labor continues while the phone is idle.

New Ojimon appear for the player to catch if a certain amount of coins are earned. Ojimon level up as more of them are caught, and as in the original games, they evolve when they reach a certain level. Since they're getting on in years, they occasionally nap during work, but a quick tap will wake them up.

"Oh!? Ojitta is changing!"

"Congratulations! Ojichu has evolved into Ojirai!"

The app is free and has no fees within the game. It is available for the Android (2.3.3 and above) and iOS (6.0 and above) and not recommended for people below 13.

[Via Afternoon News]

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