Akagi Now Rests in Peace in Yokosuka Restaurant

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Nobuyuki Fukumoto unveils tombstone

Shigeru Akagi, the extraordinarily lucky protagonist of the mahjong manga Akagi, now rests in peace in Hungrys, a restaurant in Yokosuka, a major suburb south of Tokyo. His tombstone was unveiled by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Akagi's creator, in a ceremony on July 17.

The tombstone was originally a fixture at SurpasS, a bar in the Tokyo neighborhood of Kichijōji. It was created by Takeshobo, which published Akagi, in response to fan requests, and was revealed in 2009 alongside a 10th-anniversary memorial service for Akagi. Unfortunately, SurpasS closed this year in January, and Takeshobo acquired the tombstone until a new home was found for it.

"I am very thankful for the people of Hungrys for allowing the tombstone to be here," Fukumoto said. "I hope Akagi has the power to uplift Yokosuka, where I was born and raised, even if only a little bit." He remembered Akagi as an "unusually awesome man" who still represents his "eternal longing."

Fukumoto also stopped by the local Humax Cinemas to speak at a screening of the first episode of the new Akagi drama series. He fondly reflected on his hometown. "When I was in high school, Yokosuka had a cool image, and I don't think that's changed yet. Now Akagi's grave will be on regular display at a restaurant 30 seconds away from Shioiri station. I think I'll also have more opportunities to visit Yokosuka." A letter from Kanata Hongō, who plays Akagi, appeared on screen, expressing his conviction that Fukumoto would be satisfied with his work. He also expressed hope that he would be able to challenge Fukumoto at mahjong again (having faced off against him on July 11 in a celebrity mahjong event on Nico Nico Live). Fukumoto agreed, describing Hongō as a true fan of his manga with an intense personality and fine acting skills.

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