Marina Inoue, Comedian Yusuke Inoue Open 2nd Attack on Titan Real Escape Game

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Comedian Yusuke Inoue of the duo NON STYLE and Armin voice actress Marina Inoue were present for Tokyo Dome City's Attack on Titan Real Escape game opening on Saturday. The event included the unveiling of one of the park's giant titans. The comedian stated in the video below that "[he] has been to Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa to promote the escape game."

As the Titan model was fully revealed to the special guests, Marina Inoue immediately recognized its distinguishable face.

"This is the titan that killed Eren's mother back in the first episode," Marina remarked. "It looks a lot like it!"

In a later press conference with Yusuke, the comedian encouraged both escape game veterans and newcomers to have fun with the game.

"Some of the puzzles are pretty challenging," Yusuke commented. "But if you work together with your friends, I'm sure you'll be able to do it." The unveiling video shows both special guests tackling one of the puzzles included in the game.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions and Hirakata Park in Osaka are holding special Attack on Titan-themed escape games at their respective locations. Tokyo Dome City opens on July 18 and runs until September 23, and Osaka's Hirakata Park starts on July 24 and goes to September 6. The parks have tricked out many of their attractions to feature some terrifying four meter titans.

The haunted house in Tokyo Dome City was converted into a Titan house that features titan arms popping out of the floor. Both locations have even announced themed menus for their parks. Tokyo Dome City will offer the Wall Maria Reclamation Hot Dog and the Corporal Levi Tea Set. Hirakata Park will serve Jean's Favorite Omurice and Sasha's Delicious Curry.

SCRAP's first Attack on Titan Real Escape Game opened in Yokohama last May before opening in Tokyo, Osaka, and other Japanese cities. The game eventually moved to cities overseas, including Singapore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Attack on Titan has also recently worked together with Universal Studios on a themed attraction that features life-sized exhibits of scenes and characters from the anime.

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