Kumamon Meets Keanu Reeves at Suzuka Circuit

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The net in Japan is abuzz with a picture of a lovable Japanese mascot hanging out with Neo from The Matrix.

Tweet: "Wow! I just met Keanu Reeves!"

The official Kumamon Twitter has recently been posting pictures of the Kumamoto Prefecture mascot hanging out with Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves at Suzuka Circuit in Japan. Reeves was kind enough to pose alongside Kumamon in a picture that lit up Twitter. Many users were excited that Kumamon met such a popular foreign actor, yet surprised at how normal Reeves looked when not on the big screen. Many of them were shocked to see the actor with unkempt hair and wearing "a plain old t-shirt". Regardless, both Kumamon and his fans were excited for the two of them to meet.

Tweet: "Kumamon at Suzuka Circuit. Here he is for a surprise performance riding the track on bike by himself."

Tweet: "Keanu Reeves on a rainy day at Suzuka Circuit. He's riding his own bike on the track."

According to the Livedoor Twitter, Kumamon and Reeves were both at Suzuka Ciruit riding bikes along the racetrack. Reeves can be seen wearing several pieces of biking apparel from Arch Motorcycle Company, the company he co-founded with Gard Hollinger.

Tweet: "Oh! Why, that's...!"

Tweet: "It's such an honor to meet you! Please come touring in Kumamoto! Thank you bear-y much!

The two met shortly after their motorcycle runs, being introduced by a Kumamon representative, exchanging friendly greetings under a tent shielding them from rainy weather.

Keanu Reeves is best-known for his work in the 1999 Hollywood sci-fi classic, The Matrix. He recently starred in the 2014 action thriller, John Wick. The actor is a self-admitted anime fan and was on one of the driving forces behind the likely shelved live-action Cowboy Bebop film. He was previously spotted touring Japan in February.

[Via Esuteru, Link 2]

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