Rei, Asuka, and Mari's Plug Suits Inspire Official Lingerie

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The designers at the mail order fashion site SuperGroupies have fulfilled the final niche of Evangelion merchandise: character-themed lingerie. Rei Ayanami, Asuka Shikinami Langely, and Mari Illustrious Makinami are getting coordinated bra and panty sets based on their plug suits. Each set is retailing for 8,800 yen (US$70) and will ship in December.

The Rei Ayanami set is mostly white but features blue, green, red, and orange ribbon and lace details.

The Asuka set is red, orange, and green. While the Ayanami bra and underwear had a sleeker appearance, the Asuka set doubles up on frills.

The Mari set is a similar style to the Asuka set but is purple, lavender, and maroon.

Lingerie brand Peach John released two sets of bras and underwear inspired by the Sailor Moon cast last year. The collaboration brand Tajuary is hard at work developing a line of women's lingerie inspired Gangsta.

[Via Kai-You]

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