Sailor Moon Gets 2nd Round of Candy Compacts

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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Earlier this year, the ever-growing Sailor Moon merchandise line-up got a series of compacts modeled after the heroine's transformation brooches and Chibi-Usa's Luna-P. The "Miniaturely Tablet Sailor Moon" compacts doubled as candy dispensers.

A second round of the cute charms are open for pre-order now for 500 yen each (US$4). This time the four new dispensers are replicas of Sailor Moon's original transformation brooch, the Starry Music Box, Chibi Moon's Prism Heart compact, and the Silver Crystal itself.

The Starry Music Box dispenses candy by moving the moon on the inside, similar to how the anime counterpart played music. The Silver Crystal, on the other hand, releases candy from the bottom.

A pink version of the Starry Music Box dispenser is bundled with a new accessory stand modeled after the Silver Millennium Kingdom. The candy compacts are shown hanging from the large crescent moon with the Silver Crystal nestled on it to imitate the Moon Stick weapon.

The compacts cost 500 yen (US$4) and Bandai will begin selling the items in late November.

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