Stackable Matsuno Brother Plushies in the Works

posted on by Eric Stimson
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Fans interested in recreating the human pyramid seen in the opening animation to Mr. Osomatsu, but making it cuter, will soon have their chance. Anime goods maker Eikoretto will soon take preorders for these small plushies of the six Matsuno brothers, and they fit nicely into a small stack of brats. They are part of the plushy category known as "mochitto mascots" after their resemblance to mochi (Japanese rice cakes).

Each plushie has a hoodie which can be moved up or down. They will also come with removable ballchains.

The plushies are expected to ship in February and will cost 750 yen ($6.10) each. Fans who prefer the brothers' older, more handsome forms can still get charms and acrylic stands of them instead.

[Via Kai-You]

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