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Eugeo Isn't the Only Character on the Back of abec's Sword Art Online Artbook

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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Last week the front cover of abec's Sword Art Online artbook was revealed. The book received coverage before because the design was put up to vote. The poll was quickly taken advantage of by pranksters who stuffed the ballot with votes for Kibaō. Staff adjusted the numbers, and in the end Asuna (SAO version) Yūki, Sinon (GGO version), Kirito (SAO version) and Eugeo claimed the top spots.

The results were again called into question when Eugeo wasn't on the revealed cover, although readers quickly pointed out that his hand was there and he was likely relegated to the back cover. During a streaming event, publisher Dengeki Bunko confirmed suspicions that Eugeo was on the back..along with five more characters.

Instead of only drawing the poll's type five characters, abec drew the top 10. And yes, that includes Kibaō.

The top 10 results are:

  1. Asuna (SAO version)
  2. Yūki
  3. Sinon (GGO version)
  4. Kirito (SAO version)
  5. Eugeo
  6. Alice Schuberg
  7. Yui (SAO: Mental Health Counseling Program)
  8. Kibaō
  9. Asuna (Alicization: Goddess of Creation Stacia)
  10. Silica (ALO Cait Sith version)

Kibaō is the smallest, but he's there!

[Via Yara-On!]

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