Cocktail Prince Game Expands Its Stable of Intoxicating Love Interests

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Geechs' Cocktail Ōji (Cocktail Prince) mobile game starring male characters inspired by alcoholic drinks is expanding its cast of characters before the game's release this fall.

The simulation game lets players manage and decorate a bar and participate in training mini-games with their favorite guy. Geechs announced a total of nine characters so far, including three new ones. The official website also updated character visuals and profile information.


Caipirinha (left) and brother Caipiroska (right)
The twins have opposite personalities with Caipirinha having a sharp tongue and Caipiroska having an angelic personality. They're always together and are vengeful toward anyone who hurts their brother. Both work as performers in the bar.

Mistia Royal
An unfussy idol that loves cats. Enjoys sipping artisan coffee in a cafe while reading. Spends his leisure time watching a movie or reading a book. The veranda at his home is a cat meeting place. He loves winter mornings, the smell of coffee, and walking on the underpass at night.

Dirty Mother
A quiet band member with a big appetite. He makes food disappear around him at a supernatural rate. He's careful not to worry too much. He's meek, and would rather obediently listen to what people say.

Jack Rose
A gentle animal lover that works as a pet shop clerk. He's a little shy and timid and has a difficult time maintaining eye contact. He prefers a natural lifestyle. His dogs' names are "Manjū," "Tororo," and "Senbei," his cats' names are "Caesar" and "Oeufs a la Neige III," and his Java sparrow's name is "“Okome."

Other characters include Tom Collins, Salty Dog, Martini, Tequila Sunrise, Moulin Rouge, Emerald Mist, American Lemonade, Kiss in the Dark, and Pink Lady. The game will include voice acting but Geechs hasn't announced the cast yet.

In the game, players control a woman who was previously living a carefree life until she inherits a bar from her grandfather and is tasked with reviving its popularity in just one year.

The game will also kick-off planned events, goods, manga, and possibly an anime adaptation.


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