Drink Your Way to Love with Cocktail Prince Game

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

We've had sword boys, sushi boys, and pigeon boys (actually, just pigeons), but none of those anthropomorphizations have the same elegant appeal as cocktail boys. Geechs is filling that much needed niche with a new game slated for Fall 2016.

Scarce details are available for Cocktail Ōji (Cocktail Prince) thus far. More should be announced in February. What we do know is the character's names, each taken from a drink you'd order at a bar. Some are sensible, most are not.

Tom Collins, the only character to make it out with anything resembling a human name.

Emerald Mist. The character design suits the elegant, if ridiculous, name.

Martini, whether he's made with vodka or gin is anyone's guess.

Moulin Rouge. Unfortunately named after a French brothel and a drink that calls for grenadine.

Tequila Sunrise. If the other character's names doesn't raise the protagonist's suspicions, this one should.

I'm not sure how a character can seriously introduce themselves with a name like "Salty Dog."

The game plans to eventually expand to 20 characters.

[Via Nijimen]

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