Special Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie Screening Lets Fans Be Noisy

posted on by Eric Stimson
Also: Film includes frame drawn by Kazuki Takahashi

Film screenings in Japan are usually staid affairs: the audience is quiet and respectful of other viewers. But sometimes fans want to have fun and let themselves go; movies are a social event, after all. In their honor, several theaters around Japan are offering special screenings of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions on May 13 that encourages rowdy behavior. Want to yell at the characters? Go for it. Have a cosplay to show off? Go right ahead. Even glowsticks and penlights are allowed. Just don't wear cosplay so ostentatious it blocks the screen. Also, fireworks, noisemakers, and things like jumping around are still considered too disruptive for watching the movie.

Theater patrons will also get bonus prizes: the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card in English, or Lemon Magician Girl if any are still left.

The theaters holding these "Great Cheer Screenings" will be:

Also, Kazuki Takahashi, the original creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, drew a frame in The Dark Side of Dimensions. He played a greater role in the film's production than usual, acting as scriptwriter, character designer, and chief production supervisor and drawing a one-shot manga that appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump on April 11 and 18. See if you can guess which frame Takahashi drew if you see the movie.

The Dark Side of Dimensions garnered 88,000 advance ticket sales in a mere two days. It went on to earn 133,010,600 yen (about $1.2 million) in its opening weekend.

Sources: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions official website and Comic Natalie

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