Tokyo Police Hope Kayako & Sadako Will Scare Drug Users Straight

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police, who previously turned to Aikatsu! and Vocaloids for their campaigns, are now hiring two famous ghosts to combat quasi-legal drug use.

The Ring series' Sadako and The Grudge series' Kayako appear in a poster shared by the Tokyo Police on Thursday that warns against drug use. It reads: "The shadow of quasi-legal drugs creeps towards you. Once you fall, you can't get up." The poster seems to imply a metaphor between drug use and falling down Sadako's well.

The drugs in reference are psychoactive substances that aren't yet technically illegal. Police in Tokyo are seeing a rise in their use among youth.

Sadako and Kayako have been hard at work promoting their upcoming film, whether its trying out professional baseball, teaming up with Hello Kitty, competing in a horse race, scaring up votes on Twitter, teaching theater etiquette, or just hanging out for a cold drink.

[Via KK Miller at Rocket News 24]

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