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Pole Dancers React to Ending Sequence of Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10

posted on by Eric Stimson
Techniques identified, critiqued

Yuri!!! on Ice has already won a crowd of admirers — including real figure skaters — for its fluid and well-informed depiction of ice skating. The ending credits sequence of Episode 10 show Yūri Katsuki and Christophe Giacometti pole dancing, which has earned a new round of appreciation from real pole dancers on Twitter.

Rinko Nakamura reacted enthusiastically, tweeting that she "smiled at how much more well-done the techniques were than I expected." She believes that the animators used a "foreign men's pair pole dancing video" as reference. Mayako Okino wished that she could do a pair routine with Christophe in place of Yūri. @dokodeneru tweeted that "as a pro, Chris and Yūri can definitely pole dance!! Is there a path for them after they retire... ???? There are former gymnasts too. Figure skaters would have the perfect muscle power and flexibility... I think the joy from pole dancer YoI fans won't end... " The dancer hoped the scene would increase interest in pole dancing, or at least boost its recognition.

The consensus appears to be that the moves portrayed are authentic and doable, although Christophe's are extremely advanced. "You could do Yūri's moves in maybe a month. Some of Chris's moves can't be done even by people who've done this for years," explains @dokodeneru. Both Nakamura and @dokodeneru identified the specific moves shown.

This is the "Superman," which is painful for men to attempt.

This is the "Screw Grip Hand Spring."

This is the "Ballerina" (also known by other names).

This is the "Spatchcock," which is considered extremely difficult to pull off.

Nakamura writes that "keeping this [in place takes] terrific right hand grip and leg muscles."

This is the "Jade Split." @dokodeneru advises dancers not to spill alcohol around while doing this as the pole will get slippery. "Just thinking about it is terrifying!"

This is a combination of the "Frog" and "Layback." Nakamura is unsure if Christophe's left foot would really be able to grip hard enough; @dokodeneru is unsure how the two even got into this position.

The Spatchcock is the special technique of legendary Australian pole dancer Felix Cane, who acknowledged the tribute on her Instagram.

[Via Togetter]

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