Arby's Name-Checks a One Piece Song, Last Guardian, More

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The marketing team over on the official Arby's Twitter account is having a field day with pop culture references. An account dedicated to promoting roast beef sandwiches isn't where you'd expect ti find One Piece's Thousand Sunny ship, an intricately carved rendition of Trico from The Last Guardian, or the labyrinth from HBO's Westworld.

The company tweeted an image of the Thousand Sunny sailing through a sea of curly fries with the quote "We Are!", a reference to the series' first opening theme, on Monday.

Earlier this month, Trico was tweeted sitting atop one of the fast food restaurant's Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake.

Some other highlights include Crash Bandicoot, the original Mario NES game, a papercraft Chocobo, and the starters from Pokemon Sun & Moon. Most include impressive paper construction or drawings made in sauce.

Themed fast food can be found from Australia to France but is usually only available for a limited time.

Ship name corrected, thanks Lobokendo!

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