Tokyo Suburb Uses Anime Short to Promote Local Sake Breweries

posted on 2017-01-10 15:45 EST by Eric Stimson
Sayaka Ōhara stars as main character

Fussa, one of Tokyo's western suburbs, has historical architecture, a pleasant river, American-style bars serving a local American military base, and two old sake breweries — and all within an hour's train ride of Shinjuku, Tokyo's bustling heart. To encourage more domestic and foreign tourists to come, the city, along with the Fussa City Society of Commerce and Industry, has produced a 4½-minute anime video.

The video stars Sayaka Ohara (Yuuko in xxxHOLiC, Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon Crystal, Mari in Prison School) as Kaori, an employee at an IT firm in Roppongi with extensive overseas experience and a tendency to slip into English. She's frustrated that the PR events she staffs don't serve local sake and gets curious about sake breweries. Her day trip takes her to Fussa's Tamura and Ishikawa breweries, where she appreciates the time-honored process behind crafting sake as well as sake's compatibility with both Japanese and Italian cuisine.

Kobe Women's University and Asia University have used similar anime shorts to attract students.

Source: Animate Times

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