Legendary Pro Gamer Daigo Gets His Own Statuette

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Professional gamer Daigo Umehara (also known as "The Beast") has earned a formidable international reputation for his skill at fighting games, especially Street Fighter. He's broken numerous world records: most consecutive tournament wins (15), highest overall rank in Ultra Street Fighter IV (2187714), and most views for a competitive fighting game match (5,632,211), among others. He's now even earned an honor usually reserved for the characters in the games he plays: he's been converted into a figure.

The statuette is sculpted by Vimal Kerketta of the Singaporean studio Kinetiquettes, which specializes in sculpting fighting game characters. It stands about 45 cm (1'6'') tall, or 1/4 scale, and is officially dubbed "The Beast Unleashed." It can be yours for $162, but sales only last until March 30. Its release date is the third quarter of 2017. If you're interested in buying it, visit the Kinetiquettes website.

Daigo has an awesome status in Japan as well; one manga sheds light on his early teenage years, and another portrays him as a mahjong player.

Sources: Kakuge Checker, Kinetiquettes, Engadget: Ben Gilbert and SRK: Zavian Sildra

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