Twitter-Inspired Manga Features Romance Stories Written in Under 140 Characters

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A web comic featuring short romance stories written Twitter-style in under 140 characters had its first manga volume published. The comic, titled #Romance In 140 Characters, was written by up-and-coming manga artist Tina Yamashina and includes collaborations by the model Chiipopo (Chisako Yoshiki) and the Twitter personalities DJ Aoi, Saeri-san, and Matsuhiko Katsuse.

The omnibus volume was released by Shodensha on April 8 and is made up of short romance comics with various settings, such as a short-term part-time job over the summer, on the way home from a date, and overtime at work.

The comic was first serialized on the manga application V Comi, and the first chapter can still be read there free of charge (Japanese only). The manga volume can also be browsed for free on the official website.

Manga artist Tina Yamashina made her manga debut in the magazine Bessatsu Margaret while attending high school and is currently studying graphic design at the Tokyo University of the Arts.

Participating bookstores will be distributing #Romance in 140 Characters papers to purchasers of the manga volume, which is retailing for 734 yen (USD $6.60).

Source: Comic Natalie, Shodensha

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