Kemono Friends Rendition of Tezuka's Phoenix Revealed

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The Hankyu Umeda Gallery on the ninth floor of the Hankyu department store in Osaka hosted the "Tezuka Osamu no Binan Bijo-ten ~Yū Tsuya~" (Osamu Tezuka's Beautiful Girls Exhibition ~Elegance~) art show, which, other than art by Noizi Ito, Mutsumi Inomata, Risa Ebata, Chinatsu Kurahana, Hidetaka Tenjin, Kurone Hijikata, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Masume Yoshimoto, and elements,H, also included a take on Tezuka's Phoenix, albeit in the style of Kemono Friends. The character designed by Mine Yoshizaki is also appearing in a small merchandise run that visitors can purchase at the Tokyo Atom store in Akihabara.

Merchandise includes art cards, phone cases, keychains, and IC card stickers.

The store also has similar merchandise based around the other artists' works for the exhibit.

Haruhiko Mikimoto

Risa Ebata

Hidetaka Tenjin

Yoshizaki recently designed another legendary beast, the Tsuchinoko, for its own festival in Gifu.

[Via Yara-on!]

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