Kemono Friends Director Tatsuki Attracts Huge Crowd at Dōjinshi Event

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Director and animator TATSUKI (Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono, Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono Encore animation director) helmed this anime season's unexpected hit series Kemono Friends. TATSUKI spawned another surprise when his circle's booth at the Comitia 120 dōjinshi event had a massive line. People who attended the event on Saturday posted images of the colossal queue on Twitter.

Some online commenters compared the line to those at the massive Comiket event, which most recently attracted 550,000 people across three days in December. Even though the booklets and DVDs offered at TATSUKI's booth did not feature his unofficial Kemono Friends short, it appears that the show's popularity was enough to cause the huge line.

Some fans wondered why an anime director such as TATSUKI would have a booth at a dōjinshi event. TATSUKI has a history of independent anime creation, and rumor has it that he was a regular guest at Comitia before Kemono Friends came into the limelight.

The director may have to prepare for more mayhem at events because the Kemono Friends bandwagon is showing no sign of slowing down soon. The Kemono Friends Official Guide Book 2 book that shipped in April revealed that the franchise was getting a stage play. Bushiroad is developing a brand-new game for smartphones slated for this summer. Kemono Friends is also getting a "new screen project," which was announced in March.

Nexon's original app game launched in early 2016 and ended service on December 14 — before the anime even premiered. Nexon announced in February that the app would not return despite the anime's popularity, but a spokesperson for Nexon later stated that the return of the smartphone app "is possible."

In the RPG, animals around the world have transformed into girls and players could recruit them into their party for battle.

Concept designer Mine Yoshizaki revealed in February that there are plans to continue the Kemono Friends project after the anime season that just finished. The anime is getting "original content" on TV Tokyo's new AniTele app, which launched on April 1.

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