Shinsei Kamattechan Find Themselves in the Hands of Titan in Collaboration Movie

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A special collaboration movie created for the Attack on Titan season two ending theme "Yūgure no Tori" (Birds of Twilight) by Shinsei Kamattechan showing the band performing in the hands of a Titan began streaming exclusively on GyaO on Thursday.

In the video, the members of the group are hanging out and discussing the storyboards for their latest music video, when suddenly one of the members, Noko, turns into a Titan. Noko asks the others what he should do now, and the rest of the members pick up a volume of Attack on Titan, and by reading it come to the decision that Noko is going to eat them. So they decide to fight back... with their instruments. Noko tries to assure them that they're wrong and he won't eat them, but in the process accidentally takes out an electric pole. Noko thinks about how to assure them that he's not a man-eating Titan, and suddenly does the pose of the Survey Corps, and the band members realize Noko's personality is still in tact. As Noko dances around in joy, the antenna dish he was using to cover his groin flies off, and he accidentally flashes his bandmates, freaking them out, and making Noko accidentally smash a building. Gyao! News then gets hold of the story and writes about Noko trampling Tokyo.

Just a few hours before shooting begins on their music video, the staff tries to cancel the shooting, but the bandmates all rally together, and decide to shoot the video with the Titan-size Noko, with Noko holding the other bandmates in his hands during the shooting. A few days later, the bandmates are all hanging out again, with Titan Noko looking in from outside the building, when suddenly another of the bandmates, Mono, also turns into a Titan.

The special video was shot over 20 hours using a house studio and a professional film studio in Tokyo. Isayama watched the entire filming process himself. Isayama is a fan of the band, and he also drew the band members for the CD jacket illustration. The single is slated for release on May 24.

The television anime's second season premiered on April 1. Funimation began streaming a simulcast version on the same day, and Crunchyroll is also streaming the series. The anime premiered on Toonami on April 22.

Isayama launched the manga in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in 2009, and Kodansha published the 22nd compiled book volume in Japan on April 7. Kodansha Comics publishes the series in print in English, and it released the 21st volume on April 18. The manga series has over 66 million copies in print.

Source: Comic Natalie

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