Dragon Ball's Newest Goku Figures Go Super Saiyan in Prize Machines

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Banpresto's Amusement Ichiban Kuji unveiled its Dragon Ball Z Super Masters Diorama figures on Wednesday. The figures will debut at game centers in Japan on May 28, and each attempt to retrieve the figures from a prize machine will cost 5,000 yen (about US$45).

The 18-centimeter (about 7-inch) Super Saiyan Son Goku will come in four color variants. "The Original" variant recreates one of Akira Toriyama's illustrations from the Dragon Ball Chōgashū art book.

"The Brush" variant adds highlights to parts of the figure, including Goku's clothing creases and bulging muscles.

"The Brush II" variant captures a certain aura from the art book's image.

"The Tones" variant features a black-and-white monochrome color palette.

Figure sculptor Hiroyuki Nakazawa, who has worked on many Dragon Ball figures, designed the new diorama figures.

Ichiban Kuji's Drabon Ball prize lotteries have offered items such as a Majin Buu candy pot, Goku and Shenron figures, and sticky notes.

Kirin Beverage is currently running a campaign that lets fans create their own Dragon Ball characters and enter to win figures. MegaHouse will ship its second busty Android 18 figure in June.

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