A3! Ikemen Game Gets New Ad on Stations' Big Screens

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The "ikemen-raising" mobile game A3! found success both as a game proper and due to its theme song CDs. Boasting over three million downloads, the game's promotion is taking the next step with videos scheduled to air on big screens outside of some of Japan's major train stations.

A new promotional video will air on the Hit Vision screens outside Tokyo's Shibuya Station and Osaka's Ebisubashi area on May 27-28. The 90-second ad will focus on the game's "Spring Troupe" members: Sakuya Sakuma (Kōdai Sakai) and Masumi Usui (Yusuke Shirai). The troupe's other members are Citron (Masashi Igarashi), Itaru Chigasaki (Shintaro Asanuma), and Tsuzuru Minagi (Kotaro Nishiyama).

A 30-second television ad focusing on the Spring Troupe started airing on May 1.

The huge fan response is already prompting the first fan meeting. The event is scheduled for October 28 in Kanto with the cast in attendance. Due to what staff expect to be a huge interest, tickets will be given out by lottery with applications included in the character group EPs. The Spring and Summer EPs will be released on May 24.

The free-to-play game stars a stable of aspiring actors. The characters are separated into four troupes, each one referencing a particular season. The player controls the troupe's director and is responsible for "raising" each member but of course there's also plenty of romance to go along with it.

The game has already inspired a live niconico broadcast earlier this month and an official fanbook.

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