Viewers Think Dynamic Chord's Animation is Less Than Dynamic

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Vigilant anime viewers have noticed some problems with the DYNAMIC CHORD anime's animation. Fans have taken to Twitter and other online venues to criticize the series' questionable scenes. Fans are laughing at animation quirks such characters moving with apparent superhuman abilities or objects that appear in illogical places. Some of the online commenters' observations are below.

Boy who transforms into different people with every cut:

Seatbelt that comes from the roof of a car:

Tiles for the visually impaired that would be more useful to blind cars:

Cafe on the sidewalk:

Biker who takes after E.T.:

Considering the anime premiered on October 5, fans still have time to spot more amusingly problematic animation as new episodes debut. Hopefully, the anime's staff can fix some of the errors before Sentai Filmworks releases the series on home video.

Outspoken former president of Gainax Toshio Okada also tore apart the animation of In Another World With My Smartphone in September.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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