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Get the 1st Look at 4D Sailor Moon in USJ Attraction Ad

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The "Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D" attraction got its first ad on Monday revealing the Sailor Guardian's three dimensional look and introducing the villain, which appears to be Morga. Jadeite sends the monster gather human energy at the Osa-P jewelry store in the anime series' very first episode.

Visitors can buy their own magical weapons, including a replica of Sailor Moon's Cutie Moon Rod that glows in five different colors. The orb portion of the rod was changed to imitate the world from Universal Studio's logo. The park will also sell a Luna P case, T-shirts, hair accessories, purses, pins of Sailor Moon's magic weapons, candy tins shaped like Sailor Moon's brooches, and a necklace of Chibi-Usa's Space Time Key and Silver Crystal.

Some of the items, like the Luna-P case, are included with the park's Sailor Moon Express Pass. The pass adds photo opportunities with Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Guardians. Theme park visitors can find food inspired by the Guardians at the Beverly Hills Boulangerie station and take pictures with the five original guardians at the Wonder Pix station.

The theater show "Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D" will launch at the theme park on March 16 and run until June 24. The Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D attraction is part of the larger Universal Cool Japan 2018 line-up. Sailor Moon joins Detective Conan, Final Fantasy, and Monster Hunter for a fun-filled experience.

The theme park held its Shonen Jump exhibitions this summer. That featured 4D attractions for Dragon Ball Z and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a water battle, two restaurants, and a stage play for One Piece, and a talk show for Gintama' The park also has other temporary themed attractions such as "Dragon Quest The Real" and "Yo-kai Taiso The Real," based on Yōkai Watch.

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