Live-Action Yowamushi Pedal Actor Eiji Takigawa Posts Moving Blog Entry After Paralyzing Accident

posted on 2018-03-04 19:45 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins

Last September, actor Eiji Takigawa was seriously injured while filming the live-action Yowamushi Pedal 2 television series, in the role of Juichi Fukutomi. His agency had stated later in the month that he suffered a spinal chord injury, but didn't specify the extent of the injury, and hasn't given an update on Takigawa's situation since then.

Takigawa has been posting on his blog since December, but on Saturday, he made a post relaying what he's been through since the accident. He also stated he wrote the lengthy blog post himself using only his mouth.

In the post, Takigawa recalled the moment of his accident, noting that he wasn't able to move anything below his head immediately afterward. He said that he was flown by helicopter to a hospital and underwent surgery.

Later, Takigawa said he couldn't accept what had happened to him, stating he "cried 999 years worth of tears." However, he added, "On the 1,000th year worth of tears, when the sunlight shined on me, something inside me changed. My mind for some reason became calm, and in front of me, I decided on how to start going forward. I told myself and my family 'Laugh. I'm alright. Because I'm strong.'" He said he told himself, "I will just start from zero then! Haha!"

Takigawa described the difficult after-effects of his injury, stating that he would get headaches or dizziness by raising his head, or he would get sudden, long-lasting high fevers. He stated that he would tell himself as encouragement, "I have a bed, I have food, I have family, I have everyone. It's warm. I am fortunate."

A month later, Takigawa related, his left thumb started to move slightly. He described how much this meant to him, and that he started to accept his situation, in order to move forward. He said he clearly decided what he needed to do, and that feeling was precious.

Slowly, his left arm started to have movement, and his right arm, in which he had no feeling in at all, at the end of last year he started to have some feeling in it. At first it was just one finger, but now he has sensation in all five. His right arm has also had a response. He said that even though with his rehabilitation and muscle stimulation, his movement increases by millimeters at a time, it is a very big step. He added, "the phenomenon of my body, day by day, coming awake, is incredibly interesting and enjoyable."

Takigawa said he still can't move his fingers, so he had to write the blog with his mouth, adding "this small step is huge progress."

Takigawa also asked others to fight with him to help get spinal chord injuries to be better recognized in Japan. At the end of the blog, he said, "With our combined strength, I will absolutely not give up!! Let's cut the goal-line tape together! 'We are strong!'" He then thanked his family, friends, fans, and everyone involved with the live-action Yowamushi Pedal series, adding, "I will live, with all my might, day by day. The past is the past. From now on I am making my own new path. The straight road that is my own. Toward something that no one yet knows. 'I will start from zero!'"

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