Best and Worst Manga of 2018 Results - Comic-Con International

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This past weekend at Comic-Con International, Brigid Alverson (comics journalist and editor), Deb Aoki (manga editor and critic), Zac Bertschy (Anime News Network's editorial manager), Chris Butcher (comics writer and retailer), Rob McMonigal (comics site admin, review), Megan Peters (comics journalist), and Rachel Thorn (manga translator) held the annual "Best and Worst Manga" panel.

Here are their picks for 2018:

Best New Manga for Kids/Teens

Best New Manga for Grown-Ups

Best Continuing Series for Kids/Teens

Best Continuing Series for Grown-Ups

Worst Manga for Anyone, Any Age

Most Anticipated New Manga

Most Wanted (Unlicensed) Manga

Under-Appreciated Gems

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