Trigger Does TRIGGER for IDOLiSH 7 Game's Music Videos

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Bandai Namco Entertainment's popular IDOLiSH7 idol mobile game and multimedia franchise has four new animated music videos in the works. Fate/Stay night unlimited blade works studio ufotable announced it would animate ŹOOĻ's first music video and fans can now add Kill la Kill and Darling in the Franxx studio Trigger to the line-up. Fittingly, the studio is assigned to create the video for the game's TRIGGER idol trio.

The official Twitter account for the IDOLISH 7 franchise made the announcement on Monday.

This marks the first Idolish 7 collaboration for the Trigger anime studio. The idol Trigger trio consists of Gaku Yaotome (Wataru Hatano), Tenn Kujo (Soma Saito), and Ryunosuke Tsunashi (Takuya Satou). The group's music video for the track "Leopard Eyes" was animated by NAZ, "DAYBREAK INTERLUDE" was animated by Bones, and "DIAMOND FUSION" was animated by Kamikaze Douga. The official Twitter account did not name the title of the track for the upcoming music video.

The Trigger idol group released its first full-length album Regality last year.

Source: Idolish 7 official Twitter account via Anime! Anime! (小野瀬太一朗)

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