Twitter User's Beloved Girls und Panzer Itasha Stolen

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Perhaps one of the biggest investments a fan can make into an anime franchise is decking out their car in custom wraps of their favorite characters. Known as itasha (literally, "painful car"), these vehicles can be spotted both in Japan as personal vehicles or taxis and across the Pacific cruising the streets of Miami. Since itasha are so uniquely eye-catching, they would seem like a low-risk for theft. Unfortunately for Twitter user @GXnazna, their love for the characters of Girls und Panzer wasn't enough to deter a car thief.

GXnanza reported on September 28 that their modified GX71 Cresta was stolen sometime between the night of September 21 and the morning of September 23. GXnanza noted that if the thief removed the stickers, the car might be recognizable due to the missing paint where the stickers were located. These would be fairly obvious on a car that previously featured full hood and side door stickers.

GXnanza's car was parked in Kobe, around the area between the cities of Itami and Takarazuka. Since posting information regarding the theft, helpful Twitter users shared the post nearly 5,000 times. Here's hoping GXnanza finds their car in one piece.

Source: GXnanza's Twitter account via Nijipoi

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