'DJ Kitty' Drops F-Bombs at Sanrio Theme Park's Official Halloween Rave

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Sanrio Puroland, the Hello Kitty and friends theme park in Tokyo, held a "SPOOKY PUMPKIN 2018〜PURO ALL NIGHT HALLOWEEN PARTY〜" on October 27 featuring various artists and DJs. One unsuspecting visitor got a shock hearing the kind of language that gets thrown around in this establishment.

Twitter user @Ync_Bnc posted a video on October 28 showing DJ Hello Kitty dropping the F-bomb during live performance.

DJ Hello Kitty utters, "Motherf***er!" at 0:14. Laughter can immediately be heard following the utterance.

DJ Hello Kitty is an officially licensed Sanrio character that debuted in 2010. She has appeared in clubs around the world, including in South Korea, China, Thailand, and Australia.

This is probably not the first time DJ Hello Kitty has uttered profanity in concert, as @Ync_Bnc states in their tweet: "I came to see DJ Hello Kitty say 'Motherf***er' and was satisfied. Then I burst out laughing."

Sanrio may have an image for cute and cuddly animal mascots, but they're also known for subverting expectations. The red panda Aggretsuko, who first debuted in 2016, made waves internationally earlier this year in the Netflix series by the same name. Aggretsuko is an office lady who takes out her frustrations by singing death metal at karaoke.

For fans of DJ Hello Kitty, her cussing and fascination with dubstep are surely her charms. As @Ync_Bnc remarks about DJ Hello Kitty, "More than anything, isn't she the coolest?"

Source: Hachima Kikō

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