Live-Action Film Love Poem Gets Catified Poster by Anime Meow Meow Japanese History

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“It's Meow or Never.”

The upcoming film Ai Uta: Yakusoku no Nakuhito (Love Poem -My Promise to Nakuhito-) has come together with the edutainment anime Meow Meow Japanese History to release a distinctly feline poster.

The film's lead actor Ryūsei Yokohoma reacted to the poster by saying “I didn't think I'd see myself becoming a cat. It is a real honor, but…why a cat? (laughs) On top of that, it looks like me!”

Producer to the movie Kentarō Koike requested the illustration in hopes of reaching an even wider audience. “I wanted to make the film's message heard by more people…and I wanted to use the movie as a way to cheer on those who couldn't come see the movie due to the rough world of tests and exams,” Koike said.

The cat version poster is now displayed in Shinjuku, and the staff decided to take it even further by offering downloadable ema on the film's website. Ema are small, wooden plaques and shrine visitors often write their wishes and prayers on the plaques to hang at shrine.

Meow Meow Japanese History retells moments from Japanese history, like Queen Himiko, the warlord Oda Nobunaga, and samurai Sakamoto Ryōma tell their stories except they're cats. Crunchyroll began streaming the 10-minute episodes in 2017.

The Ai Uta: Yakusoku no Nakuhito film follows a man named Tohru who couldn't gather the courage to confess when he was younger, but his life changes when he reunites with his old bandmate Tatsuya over poetry. Ryūsei Yokohoma stars as Tohru. Kaya Kiyohara Kaya and Hiroshiki Iijima co-stars in the movie.

The film opens in Japan on January 25.

Source: Comic Natalie, Ai Uta film site

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