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Attack on Titan Voice Actor Yuuki Kaji Plays Printer in Epson Commercial

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Yuuki Kaji has taken on many difficult roles over his colorful career as a voice actor, but he may have taken on his greatest challenge yet by voicing... a printer. However, he's not just any old printer - he's a PX M886FL model, which is downright godly according to these ads.

The "Three Gods" ad shows in a state of apocalyptic doom. However, the world is saved after calling down the "Three Gods" - the three qualities of the PX M886FL printer. It doesn't use much ink, and it prints quickly with high quality. When these three qualities combine into one product, the world can be saved from doom!

Bonus points to this ad for making Yuuki Kaji utter his iconic line from Attack on Titan "I'll exterminate you!" as "I'll print you!" instead.

The "Success Story" ad shows a more conventional context in which the printer may be useful: a young salaryman is down in the dumps until he realizes that he can get the printing done faster and more efficiently with the PX M886FL printer. The salaryman is also voiced by Yuki Kaji.

Kaji left some comments about his role with pop culture site Nijimen. He said that voicing these ads was a fresh, new experience for him. In the "Three Gods" ad, he puts on three different voices, which he was only able to do because of the full range of experiences he's had over his entire career. He also enjoyed the fast-paced lines and the excitable character he plays in the "Success Story" ad.

"I was really moved by the passion the staff had for the printer," he remarked. "Before we even began recording, they were like, 'We need you to get to know how great this printer is!' I'd used an Epson printer before, so I was happy to get on board."

Source: Nijimen

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