Buff Baki Guys Star in 30m Ukiyo-e Style Ad at Shinjuku Station

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The buff guys of Keisuke Itagaki's Baki manga were reimagined as traditional art-style sumo wrestlers in a huge advertisement. The 30 meter long ad is currently displayed at the JR Shinjuku ticket gate and the Shinbashi station ticket gate and will stay up until March 17.

The ad reads "This time Baki will challenge the god of Japan's oldest 'strength'; sumo!" The advertisement marks the latest releases in the Baki-Dou manga. The image imagines characters from the series facing off against legendary sumo wrestlers including Nomi no Sukune and Taima no Kehaya.

The art was created in traditional ukiyo-e style by Osaka tattoo artist Horihiro Mitomo. Mitomo previously drew Baki in the same style for an advertisement published in Nikkan Sports.

The new Baki-Dou manga sees Baki face off against Japan's oldest and strongest "sumo god." The manga's fifth part features the Japanese legendary sumo wrestler Nomi no Sukune. The wrestler supposedly had the first ever sumo match against Taima no Kehaya in 23 B.C.

The new Baki anime series, which adapts the sequel Baki manga, premiered on Netflix on June 25. Netflix premiered the anime on June 25 inside Japan, and it ran for 26 episodes ending on December 17. Netflix posted the first 13 episodes outside of Japan on December 18 and the second half will premiere outside Japan on March 19.

Source: Three Tides Tattoo, Comic Natalie

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