DHC Apologizes Again After IDOLiSH7 Collab Store Site Crashes

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Cosmetics brand Daigaku Honyaku Center (DHC) has been rather apologetic lately to IDOLiSH7 fans. Within 10 minutes of launching an IDOLiSH7 limited-edition face wash set on March 7, the product sold out, prompting DHC to apologize to fans on Twitter. On March 14, they attempted a restock... but this didn't go quite as planned.

25 minutes after the online shop restocked, DHC posted a tweet, saying, "Due to high traffic, DHC's online shop has become difficult to access. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please wait until the site can be accessed again."

Eight minutes later, DHC's Twitter account cut off the professional language and started posting crying emojis.

"The computer servers couldn't handle it... aaaaaahhhhhh... I'm sorry," the tweet says.

At 4:08 pm JST, just over two hours after the restock, DHC regained its composure to announce that the products had sold out once again. "We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the server issues. Thanks to high demand, we have sold out. We are working toward doing another sale by summer this year in order to reach more people. Best regards."

DHC was trending on Twitter soon after its emotional apology. Many IDOLiSH7 fans replied to its tweets with understanding, and thanked DHC for its hard work.

The IDOLiSH7 male idol group multimedia project was given ANiUTa's Male Group Artist Division Award for 2018. The franchise's first television anime premiered in January 2018, and a second season has been green-lit. A spinoff series of web anime shorts called IDOLiSH7 Vibrato debuted on February 7.

Source: Nijimen

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