Beat Your Period with Little Miss P Manga Plush

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Menstruating sucks. For many, the usually monthly visit includes bloating, cramps that range from uncomfortable to debilitating, and the inevitability of dealing with blood for (roughly) a whole week. It certainly isn't a highlight of of owning a uterus and while there are various medications and forms of birth control that can lessen the symptoms or eliminate the menstruation cycle, it'd be nice to give the entire concept a punch in the face.

Enter Little Miss P.

Ken Koyama's acclaimed manga stars a pink, anthropomorphized period that visits different characters and unleashes pain, abuse, and sometimes a little comfort. Kadokawa will release the manga's second volume on July 12 with a special plush Little Mi<>ss P. Finally, a period you can kick in the butt.

The plush is available through Amazon's Japanese site and the ebten mail-order site. The manga volume and plush together costs 3,400 yen (US$30). The ebten site is offering the same price but also includes a mini-pouch with the plush and manga volume.

Koyama originally serialized the manga under the title Tsukiichi! Seiri-chan on the Omocoro website, and Kadokawa published the compiled volume under the title Seiri-chan last June. Koyama launched the manga as a serialization in Monthly Comic Beam in November. The manga ranked on Takarajimasha's Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2019 list of top manga for female readers. It won the Short Work Prize at the the 23rd Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize awards this year.

A live-action film adaptation starring Fumi Nikaidō will open in Japan this year.

Yen Press licensed the manga and will release the first volume on June 18.

Source: Comic Natalie

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