Watch Animator Toshiyuki Inoue Dissect His Drawing Techniques on Maquia

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P.A. Works posted a video on Friday showing Maquia - When the Promised Flower Blooms main animator Toshiyuki Inoue's commentary on one of the cuts from the film. Cut 144 from the B part of the film shows the heroine being startled by a dragon (called a Renato in the film) abruptly crashing into the water.

As the commentary explains, the cut has many details that weren't in the storyboards that add to the sense of immersion in the scene. Before the Renato's full body crashes down, rubble starts falling first. This causes the water to splash, and as more rubble falls, the intensity heightens.

Last year, Inoue's animation for Maquia was compiled into three books sold via the P.A. Works website. His work was also exhibited at the Sasayuri café in Nishi-Ogikubo. Inoue has drawn key animation for Akira, Ghost in the Shell, various Ghibli films, among other works.

Source: P.A. Works' official YouTube channel

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