Downtown Comedy Duo Get Baki-Style Makeover

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The comedy duo Downtown formed in Japan in 1982 and is considered one of the country's most influential comedy pairs. Their variety television show Downtown DX on Yomiuri TV is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Baki manga artist Keisuke Itagaki drew the pair for the anniversary as part of the "Entertainer Baki Project."

Itagaki drew the Downtown DX performers in his signature Baki manga style: muscular and intimidating. He's also working on a collaboration visual to commemorate Downtown DX program as a whole. Fellow manga artist Jigoku no Misawa is also working on a visual for the program. These visuals will be posted in the Osaka area on November 9 and in the Tokyo area on November 12 as posters, billboards and newspaper advertisements.

Also, a collaboration movie will be shown during Downtown DX on November 8 before premiering online.

The Downtown DXDX 25th Anniversary 2-Hour Special will be broadcast on November 15.

Source: Comedy Natalie

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