It's Up To Fans To Decide What Reo and Mabu's Perfume Would Smell Like

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Noitamina Apparel has set out to create perfume for Sarazanmai's Reo and Mabu. To get things just right, they're enlisting the help of fans. An online poll on Noitamina Apparel's website asks users to choose between one of three themes for each character.

For Reo, the options are as follows:

a) "An orange, sweet scent with a whiff of the dryness of a cigarette. The vanilla and musky darkness mask the desire within."

b) "Possesses the freshness of a bergamot orange and the milky sweetness of a fig leaf. It has the soothing refreshing scent of sandalwood and amber accord. There is a complex, niggling feeling, like a dry tide."

c) "The green scent of galbanum and the refreshing, blue scent of the sea, juxtaposed with the numbing dry woody scent of a sadistic side."

For Mabu, the options are as follows:

a) "A fruity scent with the lightness of grape and pear with the nostalgic sweetness of fragrant olives. The musk has the pure feeling of a freshly washed shirt, and conveys a gentle feeling."

b) "The aroma of lavender and cypress. The sweetness brings to mind rose and lily soap. The sandalwood-like scent evokes a pure and natural sexiness."

c) "The fresh scent of bergamot orange and lavender with a gentle accord that evokes peach and jasmine shampoo. It has the powdery and sweet, delectable scent of tonka beans and vanilla."

Voting opened on June 22 and will run until June 30. The winning themes will be announced on July 24, although it remains to be seen how accurately the final products will be able to capture the scents described with so many buzzwords.

Source: Noitamina Apparel website via Nijimen

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