Morning Manga Artists Thank Suntory as They Take Week-Long Break From Serialization

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Dragon Zakura, Space Brothers, Giant Killing, Kōnodori creators draw appreciation illustrations

Morning magazine is collaborating with beverage maker SUNTORY to give its manga creators a much-needed break. Each weekly serializing manga artist will get a week-long break; instead of the usual chapter, the magazine will publish an illustration drawn by the artist showing one of the characters of another artist's manga.

So far, four participating manga artists' names have been announced: Dragon Zakura's Norifusa Mita will take a break on the first week, Space Brothers' Chūya Koyama will take the second, Giant Killing's Tsujitomo will take the third, and Kounodori: Dr. Stork's Yū Suzunoki will take the fourth.

Furthermore, illustrations produced by the artists showing their own characters chilling out and enjoying a SUNTORY drink were released beforehand on the back cover of Morning's combined 36th and 37th issue of the year, which went on sale on Thursday. SUNTORY's collaboration website has also released comments by the artists sharing how they spent their breaks: Mita played baseball, Koyama rested with his family and beloved dog, Tsujitomo drew the illustration for Giant Killing's 52nd volume, and Suzunoki went to a batting center with his son.

Morning editor Toshihiro Miura commented that it was very important that the magazine's contributing artists take regular breaks. He also mentioned that readers have become more accepting and positive about manga artists taking breaks from their regular serialization schedule, which he is grateful about. He thanked SUNTORY for allowing this kind of break to come about and expressed his hope that manga artists can be given more breaks in the future.

Source: Comic Natalie

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