Comiket Clean-Up Volunteer Marvels at Less Litter, Even Compared to 5 Years Ago

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Anime fan and voice actor Arata Ito has dedicated his time to picking up after otaku events for over five years. This includes Comiket, one of if not the world's largest comic book events. This year Comiket broke its summer record with 730,000 attendees over four days but, as Ito noticed, it was much cleaner than events in the past.

Ito wrote on Twitter that he isn't sure he should continue picking up around Comiket since the attendees are doing so well on their own. He compared the event to Comiket 85 in 2013 and said the litter situation has greatly improved.

The change is good news for Comiket where other events have struggled to maintain order and keep trash under control. Shibuya officials passed a bill on June 19 that will ban public drinking in the area on Halloween and New Year's Eve as a response to last year's Halloween party. The event included property damage and had already gained a reputation for vandalism and littering.

Source: Arata Ito's Twitter account via Yara-on!

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