Monster Hunter Cats Pitch in For Osaka Police's Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Monster Hunter's iconic felynes are lending their aid to the Osaka police's cybersecurity awareness campaign. The slogan for the campaign is "STOP! Don't reuse the same password!" The cats appear on a poster (shown right) highlighting four points for cybersecurity:

  1. Don't use the same password or ID for multiple sites
  2. Make your password more complicated by including numbers and Roman alphabet characters
  3. Implement two-step authentication with one-time passwords
  4. Financial institutions will not ask for your password

The Osaka police has been holding this campaign with the assistance of other prefectures since 2013. The police hope that using the familiar Monster Hunter felynes will help their message reach younger people better. The police will be handing out 13,000 leaflets and 3,550 mousepads at a cybersecurity awareness event on October 12.

Source: Gamebiz via Otakomu

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