C2 Präparat Apologizes For Misspelling Character Name on Official KanColle Goods

posted on by Kim Morrissy

It feels like a common occurrence to find inconsistent English romanizations of Japanese names among anime merchandise and materials, but this time staff members have gone out of their way to address the issue. Doujin circle and one of the joint developers of the Kan Colle web browser game C2 Präparat posted a tweet on Monday apologizing for character misspellings on certain official Kan Colle goods. According to the tweet, Yukikaze towels and boards contained misspellings, as well as Shigure towels and shamoji rice-serving spoons. Replacements are currently in production.

Fans have been posting images of the merch in question. "Yukikaze" is spelt as "Yikikaze," and "Shigure" is spelt as "Sesebo."

The Kan Colle web browser game that launched in 2013, and is set in a world where humanity has lost control of the seas. The threat that has taken over the seas is the "deep sea fleet." The only ones who can counter this threat are Kan-musume (literally, warship girls), girls who possess the spirit of naval vessels from days gone by. The series has inspired a TV anime and movie, and a second TV anime is in development.

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