Gundam Takes to the Soccer Pitch For Series 40th Anniversary

posted on by Kim Morrissy
20 new Gunpla will be released in the colors of J.League's Clubs

Mobile Suit Gundam's 40th anniversary project is continuing into 2020, and it's kicking off the new year with a collaboration with J.League, Japan's professional soccer league. The project released a key visual on Wednesday showing a Gundam in J.League's colors kicking a Haro styled as a soccer ball.

The Gundam Channel on YouTube also released a 3D-animated video to promote the collaboration, showing various Gundam suits and Zakus participating in a soccer match. (Note: This video is region-locked to Japan.)

Models of the Gundam and Haro depicted in the key visual will go on sale on February 8. They will be available for purchase at the Saitama Stadium 2002, J.League's online store, and at various J.League club stores and sports merchandise stores around Japan.

The official website for the collaboration has also released a sneak peek of 20 new Gunpla models, which were created in the colors of J.League's clubs. More information about them will be released on the website in the future.

Mobile Suit Gundam's 40th anniversary has included exciting new anime projects and an epic face-off against Hello Kitty, among other developments.

Source: Comic Natalie

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