Live-Action Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Shows Off Its VFX

posted on by Kim Morrissy

The live-action Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! project might not be depicted with hand-drawn animation, but it's still a story about animation, featuring animation. The official Twitter account has been showing off the VFX used in the TV drama, as well as the stages behind its implementation in different scenes.

Check out the video below for a breakdown of the VFX used for the girls' imaginary flying vehicle (called the Propeller Skirt) depicted in the show:

The film will open on May 15, while the six-episode series premiered on April 5 on MBS, and on April 7 on TBS. The film and series have the same staff and cast.

Sumito Ōwara's original manga follows Midori, Tsubame, and Sayaka, an energetic trio of first-year high school girls who come together in the Eizouken (Video Research Club) to turn their anime dreams into a reality. Midori is nervous to create an anime alone. She meets Tsubame who appears to be a well-to-do girl but she really has artistic dreams of being an animator. Midori's best friend Sayaka has the financial sense to bring the project to fruition and joins the pair on their quest.

The manga also inspired a television anime by Masaaki Yuasa and Science SARU that premiered on NHK General on January 5, and ended on March 22 with 12 episodes.

Source: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! live-action project's Twitter account

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