End of Evangelion Scene Lovingly Recreated As a "House" in Terraria

posted on by Choo Sum Lee

The Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion film produced a veritable wealth of iconic scenes and imagery that fans and writers alike have continued to single out, analyze, debate over, and pay homage to over the decades since its release. In a recent example of this, Steam users TheaVanherst and Alexmiles have created an impressive homage to Eva-02's fierce battle against the JSSDF in the sandbox-style action-adventure game Terraria.

As the comparison above shows, TheaVanherst and Alexmiles's Terraria "house", as they call it, appears to reference the moment when Eva-02 lifts a battleship in the aforementioned battle scene in The End of Evangelion film. According to TheaVanherst, the building process was "done manually with a couple reference images", and took around 70-80 hours. Below is the original, undoctored image of the build:

While the build notably features Eva-01 instead of Eva-02 like in the film, TheaVanherst plans to introduce Eva-02 as a battle arena in an upcoming expansion. If you are interested in exploring the map for yourself in the game, the Steam Community page featuring the build also includes a download link for the map.

Sources: PC Gamer, TheaVanherst's Steam Community Post

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